Secure data transfer system

Project start:


To provide a user-fiendly Secure Data Transfer system that would be compliant with current Government (e.g. PSN, GDPR, etc.) and industry standards of accessibility, privacy, security and resilience (e.g. ISO 27001, ISO9001, Cyber Essentials PLUS, etc.)

B-SAFE. SDT – a web-based system to upload, send and share any files and messages securely.

Basic modules

  • Files
  • Communications
  • Documents management
  • Users (staff, external users, etc.)
  • Calendar and Events
  • Statistics and reports
  • Settings
  • Databases (to enable the secure collection of data via on-line forms to populate datasets)

The system is hosted and managed by Bondap solution (SaaS). The system is browser-based, browser and operating system independent and does not require software installation on local machines.

The system has flexible permissions and privilege settings

The system has Full Disaster Recovery, Recovery Point Objective (RPO) 1 hour, Recovery Time Objective (RTO) 4 hours. Minimum support hours 7.00am – 7.00pm

The system is compliant with current Government (PSN) and industry standards of accessibility, privacy, security and resilience

The solution is hosted in a tier 3 or equivalent data centre, Compliant with the 14 Cloud Security Principles (https://www.ncsc.gov.uk/guidance/implementing-cloud-security-principles) and has a robust approach to ensuring a smooth service through the effective management of network traffic.

The system has lots of additional modules and extensions


  • full audit trail and on a request produce reports to show all changes, including date, time and who changed/sent it and show old and new values.

  • ability to modify and change the organisational structure without losing connections to previous organisational structures.

  • receives files from only registered users. enables users invitation for self-registration

  • capability of archiving and removing from normal views in all modules, entities (and their content) that are no longer in use, automated retention periods

  • sufficient features and workflow to allow secure and effective use by a range of participants.

  • effective summary analysis and reporting capability, effective export, import, print and search capability.

  • send and receive data in any file format;

  • Supports the sending of messages with or without attachments;

  • tracking of Status of transfers and emails sent;

  • the ability to send to single or multiple recipients (e.g. via groups);

  • alert recipients and senders by e-mail

  • ability to schedule the availability of files for download by recipients;

  • allows for the attachment of documents, photos and video;

  • enable files to be transferred to be categorised by function or subject;

  • support the creation of distribution lists;

  • generates reports with standard introductions and conclusions which are editable either on request or automatically on a regular basis;