Builder's progect and asset management system

Project start:


To develop easy to use building business support system.

Very easy to use building business support system.

Multi-user interface with a deep differentiation of rights.

Express cost estimates (in a few clicks).

Warehouse Accounting and Asset Accounting.

Calculation of financial results in the various sections.

E-mails about all the events, monitoring compliance with deadlines.

Semi-automatic preparation of all accounting documents.

Storing information, chronology, files.

Control of payment receipts, and more.


  • Mobility

    Use the system anywhere from any device with an Internet connection.

  • Functionality

    Tools for all cases are collected in one system. Nothing else is needed for productive work.

  • Ease

    Intuitive interface without installation, which takes less than an hour to learn.

  • Flexibility

    A system of settings that allows to delegate the rights of users and exclude unauthorized access to important information.

  • Stability

    The system is available 24 hours 7 days a week

  • Cloud-support

    Amazon, Azure, Google cloud, Rackspace, Ovirt, Proxmox, etc.