Hosting system

Project start:


To develop the system that provides the possibility of granting automated hosting services on your servers under Proxmox.

The HOVIX hosting panel serves to automate hosting based on the Proxmox virtualization system.

It enables you to organize professional hosting on your own servers in a matter of minutes!

Your customers will be able to log in to the panel and request a machine with certain resources, and operators will immediately receive an application, review it and create a virtual machine with the necessary software on it with a few mouse clicks. Then, users can manage machines and create requests for changing machines. The system allows you to automatically pre-install popular software and perform software updates on virtual machines.


  • Registration and authorization of your hosting-users.
  • Semi-automatic deployment of virtual machines.
  • Semi-automatic installation of software products.
  • Managing Virtual Machines.
  • The personal user account.
  • E-mails about all the events with VMs and more.